Homemade Christmas

This year we spent November making Christmas present for the family. Many, many presents. Each time we would think “ok DONE” we would see something else that was cute and that we wanted to make to give away.

So one of the places that I found inspiration and borrowed ideas from was Etsy. Lots of really good ideas for the DIY’er on that site and if I had the inclination to only buy prints or the inability to make my own paintings I would buy lots and lots from there. However I was trying to make as much as possible for presents this year and wanted to be able to personalize some/ most/all of it.

The inspiration for this first present was from a shop called Tiny Fawn I loved the little illustrations and wanted to make a bit of artwork for my brother and sister in law that would represent each of the family members. Here are my versions of Tiny Fawns work.

Each of the pictures is meant to represent a family member and some of them are obvious but I really wanted his family to pick which one they thought represented them on their own.Mike seemed to think that this next one was a penguin (?) Ok then! So he then wanted to know which one he was (not knowing what a penguin represented). After I told him it was an owl he decided that he really couldn’t be the “Wise Owl” or the “Smart Fox’ so he was going to be the “Dumb Bunny”

Hey I didn’t decide what they represented!

Next I worked on some presents for Mum

I really wanted to try the freezer paper stencil projects that I have seen all over the net. If you google freezer paper stencils you can find a million examples. I wanted to try it with bleach so I experimented! Didn’t really work ou the way I intended but the end result is good anyway.

So i started out by deciding on my design and drawing it out. I freehanded this onto the matt side of the paper.

Then I took a sharp exacto knife and hand cut out the stencil. Pain in the butt and took me about 2 hours. Imagine my annoyance when i messed it up in the next step!So this is where I messed it up.I had to apply the bleach to it next. If you do this make sure that you have a spray bottle that MISTS!!!! My spray bottle was a stream and it got too much bleach and it went under the darn paper stencil. If it had just misted on I don’t think I would have had this problem. I didn’t take a picture of how much it bled under the stencil because it was too sad!You can see in this finished photo how much it bled under the stencil. Fine…Just fix it. I took a glittery gold puffy paint and redrew the image over top of the bleached image so that you could see what it was suppose to look like! I do like the end product so it wasn’t a total loss and i learned what not to do!

So when I tried  the whole thing over again on a new shirt I did it a little differently. Plastic stencils from some scrapbooking supplies and a spray bottle that mists instead of sprays is key!

I like how this one turned out and have plans to make myself some t-shirts using this same method!

 One of the final t-shirt projects was for my brother. I wanted to do some bleach pen drawings on t-shirts for him and had a heck of a time finding bleach pens. I had one at home and spent about an hour drawing out the image only to realize that the bleach was no longer working in the pen and I had to start over again! We must have checked every store in town for bleach pens and you would think that they no longer make them! Luckily we found them and I was able to make this-

And this-

So that was only some of my Christmas present making adventures.

Next on the list is to finish organizing my craft space in the basement before going back to work. Trying to get all my stuff organized is a big chore and I need to work on that today!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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