Pins of the Week

School is winding down a bit and because my Grade 10 class is exhausting, on so many levels, I am looking forward to the break. My final weeks work tasks are to get my ceramics class projects through the kiln without the kiln breaking on me (keep your fingers crossed) I am doing a test fire of some glazes tonight and , again, fingers crossed everything works out how I am hoping.

Some of my Grade 10’s were told today “Fine, don’t do the assignment and get a zero. Spend the next two weeks working on something only worth 20% of your final mark. ” Like I said they are exhausting on many levels.

I have been madly pinning the last couple of days. Not only food and fashion but art and ideas for future projects so I thought I would share some of this weeks favourites!

I wish I had been brave enough to do something like this when I was younger. Now i couldn’t/shouldn’t/ wouldn’t. It would be like when I told one of my students this week that she could not get me to say something like Snoop Dog. Not only would I probably bite my own tongue but I am pretty sure that a 38 year old white woman should not talking like Snoop Dog.

I really like the idea of making my own liquid soap. And the Basil liquid soap sounds yummy. You could take a bar of expensive French Frou-Frou soap and make liquid soap to last for ages!

I love this as an easy-peasy project! Simply pick some letter stickers and a phrase but it on a shirt and then spray some bleach on it and then peel off the stickers! Fun Stuff!

Now if I had the right space I would so be making this one! I love it!

Pink Cookies. Nuf said.

I want to do some paintings in the next couple of weeks and even have made a list of things that I want to get accomplished. Here are three that I particularly liked.

Even when I am doing something for myself I start thinking about how I can use it at school!!! So annoying at times. I WANT IT TO BE ABOUT ME!!!!

Love this collage too!

And while I DESPISE jello I would consider this…perhaps.



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