Busy Elves

I’be been busily making Christmas presents for family in the last couple of weeks and while I would love to show everything made I will stick to just the stuff made for my nieces since the adults look here!

I was at a knitting session with friends and one was knitting letters for her nephews and I thought it was a really cute idea. I also needed a break from the pattern intensive “thing” i am knitting for my brother and started playing around with knitting letters-no pattern- just off the top of my head.

The inspiration is at this website   http://knitknoodler.wordpress.com/ and I looked at the “J” and “B” . Cute hey?

Mine are a little rougher and just some Instagram photo’s to show but it was an interesting challenge to try to figure out how to make letters out of knitting. They took me about an hour and then I had to decide what they were going to be. Brynne is getting a unicorn “B” and Jaeden is getting a Princess “J” I just have to add faces to them and they are good to go.

Then I decided to stick with the initials theme and paint them two little watercolours with thier initials. We bought two little cream coloured frames for them and they will be cute hanging in the girls room.

While I was painting I figured I could paint a quick Tardis for a friends birthday. And hour later and I had this finished. Not bad for free-handing it.

It has also been Christmas decorating time around here The cats particularly enjoy the putting up of the tree and you can see from Pepsi under the tree about 2 minutes after the lights were turned on.

We have even put a pet bed under the tree so that she can sleep under there. We are suckers for a cute animal!

Well I pulled out the Julia Child’s book for dinner and am making a roasted pork with braised red cabbage for dinner. it smells amazing! Who knew red cabbage could taste so good.

And then back to knitting….sigh. I can’t wait to start making things for me. In particular this is going to be my next project


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