I can Make This

Is something that I say to myself quite often as I am looking at expensive and interesting sites like Anthropologie. The idea of a teapot made from teacups is exciting…the $200+ price tag is less so. I thought i would share a few of the things that I have tagged as a “I can make this when I have time…” projects I never seem to have the time so they just sit in my pinterest files or morph into ideas for student assignments.

There is the teapot I love from Anthropolgie…to much for what it is. Found here  for $298.00

I also likes the surface treatment of this canister. It’s do-able and I won’t have to fork out $78 for it here

I was on a bit of an Anthro kick this afternoon so I also thought I could paint an apron like this. But I never wear an apron except as work where the possibility of paint exploding on you is usually a twice to three times a day ritual.

Ironically the next two vases are exactly what I am going to be having my Grade 12 ceramic students making next week. Well clost. I liked the idea of a vase with a 3d something attached. I was thinking flowers but they will come up with something interesting too.Now these brooches are something that I would like to make to put on my winter coat. Something to brighten up the 7 potential months of winter that we can have here.

The pattern for them can be found here. Wouldn’t that be lovely on a winter coat?

I’m not very good on the pottery wheel but I do like the surface treatment of this plate. Super easy and they charge a bucket load of money for it!! Crazy beans!

Just got this cookbook the other day and I want to try making them this weekend. They look a little tricky but they are gluten free and could be lots of fun working my way through the practice. Not so much fun for my butt though!

Another really pretty plate that could be good inspiration for the students…I will have to show these to them next week!

Right now we  are knee deep in Christmas present creations. i’ll have to share some of them another time. Lots of fun ideas for the family. As soon as I can get some good pics I will share.

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