make me very itchy. Even thinking about them my scalp starts to itch and I start scratching.

So imagine my week when I came to work on Thursday and found out that I had a MASSIVE FRUIT FLY INFESTATION…yes I am screaming that. Turns out that the custodian had not been taking the insert out of the garbage cans and there were ziplock bags of rotting food in the garbage. For weeks I have been noticing fruit flies and could not figure out where it was coming from. Kids thought I was going insane when I would just randomly clap in the middle of doing something.

So i found the nest (scratches head, scratches neck, scratches cheek) and I literally have hundreds of bugs all over my classroom. I went in today with some bug spray and sprayed where ever they were congregating. Unfortunately the custodian decided to miss the one garbage can with food in it…and it was the weekend…so guess who had to move the garbage can out of the classroom so that there was not a swarm right beside her desk? Yep me (scratches arm)

(ankle itchy)

So on a lighter note I thought I would show you some images of what my students have completed this week. I also have a blog going for my class so the link to it is here

Since my world revolves around my classes I thought i might as well share here.

This girl has got a little bit of talent.

My grade 12 Ceramics class is making clay figurines based on cultural icons. This one is quite special and pretty. I don’t have pictures of the others yet but they are also turning out well.

The first clay assignment is to make a whistle out of clay. Most of the monster whistles are from my grade 11’s but this shell whistle was a good challenge.

And last but not least my Grade 11 Art Foundations class has been making 3-d paintings using plaster strips and moulding paste. Here is what mine looks like

And here are a couple of student examples

So the next week is going to consist of my 1st period class working on a painting that has an abstract background and they get to choose the image that they paint on top of that background. My ceramics class is going to be making clay bowls for the fundraising project for the students that are going to Africa to build housing in an orphanage. My fourth period class is going to be starting an intense couple of weeks of learning how to properly use pencil crayons to create very realistic drawings and my 5th period grade 10’s are going to be finishing their paper mache sculptures…they are already looking fabulous so i can’t wait for them to be painted and finished.

Tomorrow I am going to a knitting afternoon at Jen and Davids ( hi Jen!) with Jen ( Hi to you too!) I am working on a Finding Nemo hat for one of my nieces and the other is going to get a knitted Dory hat. Once I get a little further along I will try to post some pictures.

Off to go scratch my head a little more and maybe get some more knitting done!

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