Paint by number Mural

We worked hard yesterday on the staff room mural. I think it is turning out fabulous but always had the vision in my head anyway. One of the staff members that was helping admitted that she had her reservations about it but that she had changed her mind. HA!!!

I forgot to go get my good camera so you are only getting phone pictures. Hard to not get a blurry shot.

See that blue patch in the middle between the two women…wrong! Totally painted wrong. Even aggressively painted wrong as who ever painted it painted over other shapes already there and painted! I fixed it.

Jen spent most of the day on the ladder. Better balance than me!

I love instagram. I takes fun pictures.

I love that you can see the reflection of a bridge that isn’t even painted yet. So I think it will probably take 2 more full days to paint. We have another day in December so we will see how far we get then. The great thing about this as a community building project is that I got to talk to people and actually interact with other staff members that I would not normally have much time to visit with.

I spend a great deal of time in my classroom and while I have been making an effort to get out of my room more it doesn’t mean that other staff aren’t just as busy…fun activity and team building is great in a school community.

Well I am making eggplant lasagna for dinner and going to find a pattern on Ravelry for knitting tomorrow. That will be fun.


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