Instagram Update

Life has been kicking my butt a little the last two weeks. Between Percy’s surgery (little guy is doing well, except when we take him for walks and then he comes home and pees everywhere!!!) busy work days, getting use to a classroom full of energetic grade 10’s, other annoying work issues etc, etc. It’s been difficult to work up the energy to get near the computer to do anything in the evening.

Last night I went to bed at 8pm. Thank goodness I only have dogs cause you can take them outside, tell them to go pee and then go to bed and not have to worry about it too much. And the cats just don’t care.

But I have been taking pictures with my phone to show you what I have been doing.

Last weekend was busy. I spent 2 hours in the school on Saturday with Jennifer getting a wall prepped in the staffroom for a giant paint by number mural that we are working on tomorrow. The whole staff will be able to participate and it will be a good community builder.

The white spots are the drywall filling the holes in the walls. What you can’t see is the digital projector shoved into the closet trying to make the image as large as we wanted.

This is with the wall primed but the image only projected onto it. So you have to imagine this is the final image-

See the thing about living here is the long, long winters.I’m use to them but it doesn’t mean that I like them.Snow from October sometime until the end of May is a little tough sometimes. Usually the worst of the snow is from January to April and then it will finally start melting. That a long winter. So it will be nice to be able to walk into the staff room and see spring…even if it is -45 outside and you have to run your car for an hour to get it warmed up enough that it doesn’t scream when you try to go fast than 30 km. Just saying

So our Sunday went a little differently. I got to the school just after Jen at about 9am. Only to find out that some students had broken into the school and vandalized a good deal of the school. Spray paint, broken door and candy machine, fire extinguishers sprayed all over a computer lab. So we had to get ahold of the principal but he was mid-flight home so onto the next vice principal. She had to call the police, the head maintenance guy, and our school custodian. Through a massive effort of our custodians they were able to get the school clean enough that you could barely see the damage. There was no way that the school could open with racial and homophobic slurs spray painted on the lockers.

So it meant that Jen and I had to wait for the all clear before we could get upstairs to work on tracing out the mural. So three hours later we started tracing in earnest. I went home and got Mom to help out…sorry Mom here is a picture of your tracing! It took the three of us about 4.5 hours to get it all traced out. Yay us!

Actually it is a good perspective of how big it is. The ladders are 6 feet tall and I had to stand on the second from the top to reach the top of the image.

So tomorrow we will be painting and taking progress pictures. I am not thinking that we will get finished tomorrow. We have another Pro-d Day in December that we will be able to get it finished. my plan is to be on top of a ladder all day working on the upper part. Mom grew me with monkey arms so I can easily reach the top without much strain.

Other than that we walked the dogs and took some nice pictures.

 So I will take pictures tomorrow and post them sometime this weekend so you can see how it came along. I’m kind of excited to see it finished. Its going to be so pretty.

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