Tragic Facial Expression

Percy has…had bladder stones. He had surgery today to have them removed since they were painful and causing a constant infection. I have no clue how long  they have been growing in his little bladder. Probably since he had some of his teeth removed last year and has had difficulty eating since.  He had 2 stones that looked like this

They were about the size of petite peas. Big enough to be causing problems and can you imagine if one got stuck in the urethra!!


Last night I was worrying about the surgery and thought that I would do a little google research and find out what to expect for recovery time etc. The site was talking about what to expect after the surgery…whining, pain, difficulty walking, jumping. All of which I was expecting but what made me laugh…sorry Percy…was “Tragic Facial Expression”

So here are some shots of my poor little shih tzu’s tragic facial expression.

I think its the tongue that gets to me. I was so worried about him last night that I was awake from 2am on.

Poor little pathetic guy. So he is going to be out of commission for a little while and Lucy is going nuts wanting to smell him and see what is going on. Have to keep a tight reign on her so she doesn’t overwhelm him.

Oh well off to comfort my little guy.

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