Final Projects Round Up

With school/work starting my time that I can allot to being on the computer is kind of hindered. Especially since right now bedtime is about 9 pm…add in a 6am wake up time and a 5 km walk and you are tired. A month and I will be use to it and have a bit more energy!

So this weekend was about doing a bit of running around and getting things (like vegetables!) I thought I would do one last roundup of outdoor pictures since it is getting a bit too cold to be spending time out there.

We planted 3 varieties of sunflowers this year. They overtook the spot we planted them in by quite a bit so we will find a different spot for them next year. The deep red ones haven’t opened yet so I will have to try to get the picture later of those ones. We have these crazy swarms of little flying gnats and yesterday when i went to take one of these pictures I blew on the sunflower and this black mass of them lifted off and went for my hair. Makes me itchy just thinking about it!

We had saved about 60 feet of fence boards from when the neighbour took down the fence between our yards and replaced it with cedar. Part of what we did was attach them to a chain link fence so that we A) have a bit more privacy from the back lane. B) stop the stupid neighbours from teasing Lucy in a variety of different ways (however they still bark at her to make her bark…jerks)

We still had quite a bit left so Mom started building compost bins. They just need tops built to keep out the crows and the fronts finished off. Pretty nifty!

I love when you manage to snap a picture of them with their tongues out. Percy is so cute for a 11 year old!

 Here is a bit of the fence that Mom and the neighbour built. We are going to build a walkway next year that goes around the side of the house and leads to a deck directly behind the house. The walkway is going to have different grasses growing in it for a little privacy.

Mom built this gate and we were playing with differnt painting treatments. The square lattice is cedar so we just sealed it. Here it looks ok with the darker green paint but from a distance you cannot quite see the contrast so I guess we will leave it for this year but maybe next year paint the whole thing (just the gate) dark green. The cedar fence was sealed a couple of weeks ago so it should keep its nice colour!

Several things we are proud of in this picture. The gate we built in the spring and are quite happy with. The planter was spectacular all summer and can you believe it was only 6 small nasturtium plants to start with. We are going to do that again next spring. You can see a bit of the particle board behind the white planter. At the end of the month we are going to go buy some wood and finish the landing off before winter hits. It won’t take long to do but that particle board swells and affects the opening of the gate.

Now we are starting to focus on inside projects. I just started repainting the upstairs. The kitchen is now a lovely cool grey called “Sketch” and we just decided that we are going to repaint the living room. Right now it is olive green and tangerine. Tired of the tangerine soI think we are going to continue the grey into the living room and change the tangerine wall to a raspberry. Specifically inspired by my new favourite nail polish colour called “Jamaica me crazy”

Once I am finished I will post pictures.

We are also going to build an entertainment center that will look something like this. Except we are going to probably paint it a type of Avocado green.

I don’t think I would know what to do with myself if I didn’t have projects planned and on the go!

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