My Day…

Here is a tour of my day in words…I think I will have to soon do a day in pictures.

5am- Wake up and wonder what time it is. Ignore the wondering and go back to sleep. Also ignoring the fact that I have to go to the bathroom (who doesn’t do that?)

6 am- Alarm clock. Get annoyed at the silly announcer who decides to complain to the world that someone was tailgating her to work. Then she tells everyone she is excited about a new show called “whitney” Her annoyingness drives me from my room.

6:07 am- Shower

6:15 am- Brush teeth and blow dry hair. It was really curly today. Never sure why it is curlier some days than others

6:45- Finished getting ready and head upstairs to make breakfast

7am- Breakfast 2 egg omelet with fried mushroom, pepper and cream cheese in the middle. I love cream cheese in my omelets. So yummy. Open birthday present (Touch KOBO!! Thanks Mom and Mike) and get it all set up with the computer. Realize it comes with a $10 gift card and do a little happy dance

7:50- Out the door headed to work with four bags of groceries I am donating to the school ( we have gone wheat free and are purging the house) 1 proxima projector bag with projector and my lunch (chicken, mushroom and a sliced pepper and ranch dip!)

8 to 8:45 Variety of house keeping items. From checking e-mails to organizing folders left out from the last class. Getting out new folders and putting away the little things that children leave laying around. Also enjoy my coffee that I brought from home.

8:50 to 10:09

Start with a 10 minute bell activity with the class and they sit in almost dead silence while I am giving instructions to a student that was just enrolled in the class. Tell them they can turn the radio on themselves. No one moves. Finally someone asks someone else to turn the music on. Its a little louder than I like but I can deal with it.

After the bell activity I explain how I want them to go about their next assignment. A Zentangle with Text. They have spent a week practicing making Zentangles (fancy doodling term) that look like this

Each of my classes is doing a different project based on these little doodles.Busy morning but nothing crazy happens.

10:15 to 11:33 One of my favourite classes Ceramics and Sculpture. They are also doing Zentangles but we are making a sculpture using wire and pantyhose. Then we will paint them and the final step will be to draw the Zentangles on with felt pens as decorations. One of the examples looks like this

Ours are going to painted multiple random colours and then made doodle-tastic with Zentangles.

11:33 to 12:30 LUNCH! Lock my room and run upstairs. Threaten to kick a kid if she doesn’t move her feet for me to walk by. I know her so it is ok but I do refuse to step over them. It is only polite for them to move their feet! Find two girls that both asked to go to the washroom and did not come back and inform them that they were marked absent because they lied to me and did not come back to class. Girls:”We were marked absent?”    ME: “you LIED to ME and DID NOT come back” Girls: “But…” Me: “You LIED to me and did not come back. Don’t do that again” Girls:”sorry” Discipling can be fun!

12:35 to 1:53 More Bell activities and these students have been given an extension to continue working on their worksheets. About 5 of them are done so I show them the next project that I an introducing to the rest of the class. Zentangles and silhouettes of people. They have to draw the silhouettes of the people and then Zentangle around them. Then colour it with pencil crayons…I am evil. But it will look really cool.

1:58 to 3:17- My Grade 10’s. Bless their hearts but they are a handful! Remind them to keep it to a dull roar when I take attendance. Let them know that they are having the introduction to the next project in tomorrows class and that I will be marking the Zentangle worksheet on Friday so they need to be complete. Tell them exactly what I expect them to be doing while I pull up 5 of them plus my three life skills students and their 3 aids up to the front to explain how to make the next project (Zentangle Ornament ball) After that explanation pull up two more students that just joined class today and explain what they need to do to catch up.  After that it is wander wander and more wandering to make sure that they are not doing stupid…yep that is the right word, stupid things. They are funny and rambunctious but harmless.

3:17 pm END OF DAY! Head upstairs to get purchase orders signed and show boss-man principal the permission form I made up for the blog I want to start for class. Standing at the top of stairs waiting with Jennifer to have student yelling at me

Boy: “Ms. Ans I am talking to you”

ME; “I know i am ignoring you” ”

Boy: ” but I am telling you I am going to get a top like Laychuk’s”

Me: “Yep I am still ignoring you”

Girl:” she likes me better than you”

Me: “Actually I like Wade better than I like both of you” (Wade does slow “Yes” gesture)

Girl: Well that’s not fair you don’t even teach him”

ME: ” That’s why I like him better.”

All said and taken in good fun! After that a student that I taught about 4 years ago is standing on the landing pointing at me. Yells “YOU LOST WEIGHT” Me: “Yes, Yes I did” and that is all she said to me. She always was a awkward girl.

Ray (boss-man) seems excited about the plans for a school based art class blog. Jen and I walk down to my room only to find the classroom door open. I never leave the door open- ever. Curious but no answers to that mystery.

3:55-5:10pm 5 km walk with Lucy, Percy, Emmie and Mom. Didn’t see any other dogs or people so entirely uneventful walk. Feet hurt though

5:10 to 6 pm. Wal-Mart. Evil of all necessary evils. I have a bunch of stuff that I need for class so we run around and get it and head to the front desk to pay ( I get to charge it) While standing in front of the scanner thing that beeps if you walk out with something magnetized. I keep setting it off without realizing it (about 6 times) finally say to the poor hassled clerk that I think it was me. Guy at the front of the line make a comment about “Oh that was you” Yep…me. As he is leaving he says to me that he is going to try to get through the door without beeping. I tell him I can follow him if he likes.

6 to 6:05. Trying a crustless pizza tonight. Being wheat free kinda throws the crust out the window. I also start this blog post but have to get back to the food.

6:05 to 6:15. Pull the cauliflower crust out of the oven and cover it with sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes and cheese. Back in the oven for a half an hour.

6:15 to 6: 45 Watch the news and try to stay awake. Pizza casserole finally done. Really good!

7pm to 7:45pm Mike calls on face time and we talk to him for a while. Girls and wandering about and he shows us the new dog and wanders about the house.

7:45 to Now. Spent a bit of time writing this post documenting the day of my 38th birthday. Really ready for bed now but I might play with the KOBO a bit more and look for a book i can spend my $10 credit on.

Future…I predict I will be in bed and sleeping by 9:30 and no later than 10pm.I’ve gotten old when that hs to be my bedtime for me to function like a normal human. And it is only fair to the 120 souls I deal with all day that they get be well rested and not cranky!

If you took the time to read through this I thank you for spending a little time to follow along with my Birthday record.

I am going to try hard to post a bit more frequently. It’s been really hard with the start up of school to even find the time do the most basic of things. I need that routine re-established.

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