Moose Whisperer

Hey there. Seems I have been out of touch for a good little while.

School start up is always a bit busy and while I have still been doing things there just didn’t seem to be enough time in the day to sit down in front of the computer.

Today was a bit of a weird day. Had I known that I would not have a lot to do i would not have spent time last week prepping and getting ready. Would have saved it for today. Midway through the morning I had a request from a teacher to have his office door repainted. It had bad mojo from the previous occupant and it needed to be exorcized. Problem was that I didn’t have many students that I thought would be able to handle the pressure of painting a door. So after talking about it with a friend and fellow teacher Jennifer, we thought that we are both artists and perfectly capable of painting it in a reasonable amount of time.

We started out thinking colours, blue, green and yellow. And thought initially that he would get Koi fish, which would have been nice but as we were painting it started looking like trees and bushes. Then Jen said ” We should do a moose” then someone else said it should say “Moose Whisperer”

We made it so.

2 hours and 2 talented artists and we made magic happen. And I think we restored the good mojo to that department. If you click on the moose you will see a bigger version.

Happy Moose Whispering!

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