Hail and Baking

Yesterday morning we had a thundershower warning in affect. Nothing happened in the morning. The crazy diagonal rain and hail waited until they took down the severe weather warning and THEN it struck. It was crazy and the hail was the size of peas.

This is looking out the back door down the steps

Then it got cold and this morning when we went out at about 11am there was still hail in the corners that had not melted. The nasturtiums are pathetic and bedraggled now and I am not holding out hope that they will come back.

So all this dreary wether has put me in the mood for some baking. Last night I started a sponge for old fashioned english muffins and I made those up this morning. An hour standing over the griddle means that I will think twice about making these again. They tasted great but I do not enjoy standing and watching something cook. I much more enjoy the “put it in the oven and ignore it” method of baking. I did have to share this one picture of one muffin that I, in no way, manipulated.

This heart just turned up in one of my batches. I guess it would be easy enough to manipulate shapes but if I was going to do that I would make images much more interesting. Like Jesus or Elvis that I could turn around and sell on Ebay. Elvis on an english muffin- can you imagine!

So the baking bug is still there so I am making hamburger buns for my Portobello mushroom burgers tonight. Just about killed the mixer in the process too. I walked into the kitchen to wheezing and burning smells. Ended up finishing the last 5 minutes of the kneading by hand since my stupid Kitchen Aid was being a wimp! It’s good when I am making cookies or cakes but try a little bread dough and it goes into shock.

Well I think I will go and get some laundry done and maybe work on some other project that are always on the back burner. Mom is working on finishing the second gate for the other side of the house so I will post pictures when we get that up.

Have a good one!

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