Gosh…I go away and don’t blog for a couple of days and I have a couple of days with over 400 hits. Crazy I tell you. Most days I will have about 20-30 people come on by and see what I am doing then suddenly, POW. Thanks to the 20-30 regulars by the way!

So I am about 90% done the mural and just have a few little tweaks to do to make it to my satisfaction…I’m a little picky about my work…just a little. The crazy ocd-virgo-ness kicked in a couple years ago. Not that you can tell by my desk at work. I still need everything out so I can see what I need but I do know where everything is.


So if you have been following the mural progress you can see that I darkened up the mountains on the left. I also darkened up the mountain in the front a bit and added a darker base to it running along the entire bottom. I still like the yellowness of the mountain on the right but I will probably have to tone it down a bit.

I will probably just add a touch of darker olive green over it in a transparent layer. Now that I have darkened the other mountains that one is sticking out a bit too much.

When I was taking pictures I did not focus on the grass on the bottom of the picture at all but it is finished. I added a layer of darker green to it and tried to get rid of the outline that had been created by the first few layers. Grasses and bushes are DONE!

I think the tree is done. Pretty happy with it.

So the plan for finishing the painting is to change the water colour slightly. It is a bit too bright and I would like it to be a bit darker. It bothers me that the water and the sky are the exact same colour. Yes the water should reflect the sky colour but I think it is a bit too much. The plan is a layer of transparent blue-brown mixed with a whole whack of painting medium so that it is very transparent. I learned the hard way that it is not a good idea to use water as a thinning agent on such a large surface. You cannot control the dribbles that occur. I little water is fine but for a transparent layer you need a gloss medium.

Final step will be two layers of a polyurethane to seal it and stop the weather and sun from affecting it too much. There will be some weathering that will happen but a bit of UV protection never hurts!

I have been playing with my cameras settings in the last couple of days. The Pentax can do some interesting things with the processing that I am enjoying.

So a few things still on my list to get done before school starts again.

  1. Finish painting the kitchen- I picked a colour called Sketch Pad which is the wall colour in the picture below. I love all the greys in this palette. They range from light to dark grey and I will readily admit to liking them partly due to the names. You cannot convince me that paint number 309-uvc6029 looks as good as Sketchpad. Plus it is a heck of a lot easier to remember.
  2. Going to try to finish the mural today (fingers crossed)
  3. I decided I am tired of having the same old day planner as every other teacher on the block. So I am making my own. I know what I need and use regularly in a day planner so why not make one that is perfectly me!
  4. I think I am going to have the students do a self portrait for one of their first projects. Totally evil and it will freak them out but I have a plan to make it easy and interesting.
Well that’s about it for now. Lucy is moaning and groaning in the kitchen so i need to go put her outside and get dressed. Oops.. now she is barking. So impatient!

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