Lucy’s Bees

Poor Lucy has never really had that much luck with the bees. When she was 8 weeks old she managed to get herself into a bee’s nest in the middle of the night and I had no clue what was going on. I had a flashlight and when i looked into the back yard she was rolling around but not making a sound. Then she came inside and proceeded to kie-yie for the rest of the night and run in circles. I remember still being awake at 4am trying to figure out what my notes for the sub were going to be and it was only the first week of school.

The next morning when we could check she had thirty stings in her ears and more all over her poor little face. I went out the next day looking for the next and could not find a thing.

Since then she has went out of her way to chase and eat bees. Last summer her paws were swollen from using them to hit the bees while they are down and then eat them. And when they sting her in her mouth she spits them out, stomps them with her paws and chomps them again. She is pretty but not that bright when it comes to bees.

So today we were getting started on the day and I was wandering to the back to see the pond when I noticed Lucy jumping and biting and thought hummm… then I noticed the swarm of bees. I knew we had a nest in one of our vegetable buckets and somehow she made them upset this morning and they went after her. She, however, is not smart enough to run away. Thank goodness I have been working on “come” with her the last couple of days. Not well enough though when she ran halfway to me and then ran BACK to the BEES! Dumb! Managed to get her in the house and pop some Benadryl into her to help with the reaction.

 See all the little black dots around the blue…you guessed it…bees. FYI I was NOT outside taking this picture but using my lovely 50-200 mm lens to take a picture from inside the house. A bee swarm is not a photo op I am looking for!

So tonight were are going to have a little bonfire to try and get rid of them. Have to since Lucy isn’t smart enough to leave them alone and already was back for more when I let her out a little while ago. Despite the fact that she could not lay down for all the stings on her legs and bum. It was pathetic watching her stand there in pain and I started feeling around and she had so many hard lumps all over her backside and legs.

So off to set fire to some bees and run like hell! Have I ever mentioned that I hate bees. Terrified of them. One time when I was first learning to drive Mom suddenly told me sternly “Pull Over” and “Get Out” Turns out that there was a bee on the ceiling above me and she was afraid that I would dive out of a moving car. Probably smart on her part. I did dive out of a parked car at a later date because of a bee.

She knows me well.

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