So by Friday i should have a lovely new black asphalt driveway going in!. Very exciting so I was taking pictures today. Inside of course cause I didn’t want to be the weird woman taking pictures of the driveway being graded…even though I am!

Mom has been nursing along these willows that didn’t like their winter conditions. they were about 3.5 feet round last fall and died down to the root in the spring and started again so they got transplanted. One lowly little one was right in the path of the bobcat and this was Mom’s reaction.

Well warranted cause the guy did rip it out of the ground. Our neighbour saved it and Mom transplanted it to a new home. Lucky little willow.

So now we wait until Friday and it will probably get paved then. The neighbour jealousy is high in the hood right now…tee-hee!

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