Mural Progress!

More mural progress made yesterday! It was a nice morning so I went out and finished layers 4, 5 and 6. Yes there are a total of 6 layers on these shrubs.

The colours seem to be a little off in this one. Way more yellow than what is actually there.

So next I have to paint the ground. i have pre painted it a rough brown so don’t think that it is finished. There are going to be tall grasses throughout the shrubs in greens and yellows. Then I am on to the tree.

Bit of an odd overall shot but we are having movie night tonight and I didn’t feel like taking the screen down so i just included it. Interesting things are happening in other parts of the yard to. The lilies are in bloom and looking quite spectacular if I do say so myself!

Lucy always gets into the middle of things so here is a shot of her looking all sleepy because she had woken up from a nap on the lawn.

My neighbour has been making a crazy amount of noise in the last 4 days trying to get his driveway prepared for paving. At times the whole house was shaking from the different machinery he has been using. Problem is that it goes all day and interferes with nap time…this is a serious matter! Yesterday the machine broke and I managed to sneak in a nap while he was fixing it. The rumble of the house was my wake-up call. Today he has been having gravel delivered and compacting the earth more…SO LOUD!

On a fun note I got my dress makers form made out of an old night gown, 2 rolls of duct tape and Mom’s help. Here I am all gussied up. barely able to breath and a little nauseous from the smell of duct tape.

So a couple bags of poly-fill and a little more taping and I have my own dress form that did not cost me $200+ and is exactly me! Tomorrow on the agenda is starting my dress.

This one

Using this material!

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