Painting and Cloudy Days

Went out to the lookout over the Peace River today and did a little painting  with Jen ( Hi Jen!)

There were goats….yes you read that correctly. Turn out the city hired a goat herder to bring his flock of goats to eat a noxious weed that has been growing on the hillside. I didn’t have my closeup lens with me so I didn’t get a really good picture of the goat but I might go back tomorrow to try again. They are cute with their weird little goaty eyes.

So it was windy and cold and I kept having to fight with my paper to stay still. I didn’t mind the chilly part so much but it made it hard to paint. This is the scene I was painting.

And this is my finished painting.

I’m happy with it and it was fun to do. So the rest of my evening is going to be taping together the pattern that I ordered as a download. 70 pieces of paper to tape together but it was better than driving 3 hours to go buy the pattern. My fabric is washed and dried so if I get the pattern put together this evening then I can work on it tomorrow. And maybe I can get a little more done on the mural. I am procrastinating on that one. Must get done before the end of summer!

Off to tape!

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