Long Exposure

This weeks photo contest really forced me to learn a little more about my camera…really, seriously, what where you thinking this post was about. Dirty.

Anyway I had never tried to figure out how to set the cameras exposure settings and I started fiddling with some sparklers and the camera.

And while I think that they are really cool looking they are not what a long exposure photo is suppose to look like.

So I read the manual. Should have done that before I started fiddling. Oh well. So this is what I was trying to achieve when I was fiddling with the sparklers.

There was pictures of me with the sparklers but I suddenly became an amputee with a stump in the pictures. Amusing and scary at the same time.

I thought I would try it a bit more in the daytime. However the problem then becomes that the lens has to stay open too long and your pictures become bleached out. Like so. Not so good.

So today I am going to work on my photos and am headed out to do some painting outside. It is a little annoying that it is so cloudy today but at least I don’t have to worry about the sunburn factor.

Another post later!

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