Making Dresses

I’ve been sewing a little lately. Dresses more so than anything else because it is impossible to find a decent dress for less than $100 and I am not spending that on a single dress right now. So I have been stalking sewing blogs like Grosgrain and Colette and Burda Style looking a dreaming of pretty, pretty dresses. The problem however is that I live in a town that caters to quilting. While I love me a good quilt I don’t love the look of clothing made from quilting fabric. But then I found and the 65% off section. This combined with another new obsession (only since yesterday but I AM OBSESSED)  Make this Look

Here are my favourites from Make this Look

The fun thing about this site is they use inspiration pieces from and show you which patterns and fabric you can use to well…make the look. Fantastic!

I chose McCalls 6069


And Simplicity 2180


WE headed out to the sewing store to try and buy the patterns. I should have taken a picture of the pattern book. It looked like someone had let their kid start ripping out pages and then just shoved it back together. Then their patterns started for simplicity at 3600…I needed 2180 and they didn’t even have McCalls. Such a waste of time. So back to the interwebs and I found yet another website where you can download the patterns and print them at home (chorus of angles singing Hallelujah!)

So then I spent 2 hours looking at ultra sale fabrics at Fabric dot com and settled on 4 different fabrics. My criteria was simple. Pretty, functional, Inexpensive. There was several fabrics that I liked but I was capping the price to $4 per yard. So my four choices were the following. If you click on the fabric it will take you to the website.

then I thought…hummm they have patterns and found this pattern site called Hot Patterns  and fell in love, love love with these two patterns… make that three…

They are great looking patterns but it will have to wait for a bit to order these but they are on the list!!

I did make a dress today but no one is EVER going to see it. E-V-E-R… While I did a great job sewing it it is horrible and while Mum wants me to try to fix it I am ready to move on. Maybe I’ll work on it later but for right now it is going to stay my private nightmare!!!!









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