Lazy Day

I LOVE summer vacation. Taking a walk, taking a nap, a little painting here and there…perfection. Unfortunately however I get easily bored and need to have something to occupy my attention or I will get in all sorts of trouble. Today was the perfect day to get some more work done on the painting. I basically just blocked in colours and worked on the tree line.

I have to figure out how I am going to do the bushes in the front and then tackle the big tree. It would be nice to have this finished by the end of the month. The weather is suppose to be nice until then and I am tired of losing a week at a time to the rain!

Since I was out taking pictures I decided that I would take some more of the garden. It is constantly evolving and changing and it is nice to document the changes and pretty colours that we have surrounding us!

But first. Look at the top of that dogs head. i don’t know what she was into this morning but her entire head is covered in mud!

This is a little buddha statue that we have in the back surrounded by a pagoda dogwood. He looks quite cheerful there doesn’t he!

This is a pretty little plant, I think it is an astilbe but I am not sure. Quite charmed by the pretty pink fronds.

Zeke doesn’t usually stand still for very long and usually the pictures that I get of him are blurry but I think he looks quite handsome here!

We have had some really good luck with our nasturtiums this year. They are HUGE! Not sure if it has been all the rain or what but they are quite spectacular this year.

The orange ones are so intense…this doesn’t quite capture the intensity.

The peachy ones are pretty too! Sorry about the blurry picture. It was quite windy today and they would not stand still for a good picture!

A pretty bug…if you like that sorta thing!

This was my lunch…not the whole thing silly! I should probably go eat an apple to offset the cakey goodness! Sour cream Pound Cake with a streusel filling…YUM!

Pepsi posing for the camera!

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