New Chair & the Lie

We try to hit the thrift store about once a week. Sometimes we find really good stuff like this bed that we made into a garden bench. Sometimes we have to get out fast because of the stench. Big pet peeve there. You are taking your stuff to the thrift store not the garbage dump the least you could do is make sure that you have washed the clothing!

We scored big last week. I found one of the Ikea Poang armchairs for $12.99

Only mine did not look quite like this. Mine was disgusting with greasy hair staines and had obviously never, ever washed…ever. It was so disgusting that when I pulled Mom over to look at it and see if she liked it I said

“sit in it…is it comfortable?”

“I don’t wanna sit in it. It’s disgusting”

” Test it”

“Did you sit in it?”

“Yes I sat in it”

“ok Fine”

I totally lied. Big fat lie. There was no way I was sitting my butt in that disgusting, greasy mess. Even when I was carrying it out to the car I didn’t let it touch me. Then I had to confess that I had lied about sitting in the chair and let mom slap me in the hand but it was gross.

So we (lies again, Mom took it apart. I steered clear of that mess!) and washed the cover. The foam was pretty much gone on the seat so we went and got some two inch foam and more quilting batting and put it back together. Again Mom with me standing at a good, germ, greasy free distance.

Then we went on the hunt for an interesting fabric to make a slip cover. The minute the chair came into the house the cats were sure that we had bought them a new chair and tried to claim it. They keep trying to claim it but a shot from a water bottle does a lot to convince them that the chair might not be that comfortable!

We found this fabric at the quilting store for 50% off (Score)

It goes really well with the other colours in the living room and it is a slip cover that we can wash since the cats are still certain that  every piece of furniture in the house is thiers ( Cat Rule #1)

Now we are on the look out for the stool that goes with this chair. We bought enough fabric that we can cover that too and hopefully we can find it second hand so that I don’t have to shell out $120 for the stool.

So off to the thrift store again. Then the lawn might get mowed if it is not too wet and finally another day of working on the mural is happening since it is suppose to be nice and sunny for the next couple of days. i worked on the water yesterday but I forgot to take pictures so I should have another post later today with some mural progress!

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