Weekly Photos

SO again we have been deluged with rain so there has been no progress with the painting (sad face!)

I did managed to get the photo’s taken this morning of course when I was finished the rains stopped and the sun came out…what’s a girl to do?

Green- But not plants

I took this one during on of our long walks with the dogs

Morning But not sunrise. I like how the coffee and cream swirl together. Its always an interesting effect.

Reflections- I played with this one in Picnik a bit. i used the HDR-ish effect and I thought it turned out kinda cool.

Ugly to Beautiful. I don’t know if I would call this one beautiful but I do like it. It is a picture of a dirty knife.

Summer Food- What is a more summer food than strawberries?


Buildings- I know…its not building(s) but in my defence it was raining…. so this is me crammed up against the house trying to not get wet!

Looking up- Managed to captures these beautiful clouds…so pretty!

Decay- Another rain photo. This was a lily house plant that we put outside because it was home to those damn flying bugs that dive bomb your face and you can not seem to catch.

Texture. I liked both the rain on the leaf and the leaf texture was interesting too.

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