Phone Fun

My IPhone arrived yesterday and I have been learning how to use it and having fun with some of the apps that I could not use with my IPod. Thought I would share some of my playing!

All the above photos were done with Instamatic. I like it cause it was free. I don’t like it because if you spend time taking pictures to do later it erases them. About 12 of them in fact! Grrr!

Then I spent 1.99 on Hipstamatic and just played with that one taking the same picture of Percy a couple of times.

So this reminds me that I have to take pictures for the photo competion and it suppose to be raining for the nexy couple of days! Shoot! Darn rain!



2 thoughts on “Phone Fun

  1. You have really cute fur babies, and it looks like Percy had a rough day of sleeping. 😉 This app makes me want to trade my blackberry in for an iphone. Hmmm

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