Pretty Girl

Thought I would share a picture of Pepsi aka Pretty Girl. Where ever she is if you call out “Pretty Girl” she will come at a dead run. She could be affectionately loving someone else and you utter the words “Pretty Girl” and they are dead to her. Fickle kitty.

I don’t know why I keep getting the tongue out shots… here is one without tongue.


She is actually pretty old but at 15 she is still pretty feisty and will not hesitate to put the other animals in their place.

I didn’t do any painting this evening. Just didn’t feel like it. However my multi-tasking creative ways were just redirected to another project that involved this…








and this….

and this….

hummmm…..any guesses?

I should have the … thing, finished tomorrow. At least the building of it. The painting will take a little longer.

I’ll post more tomorrow!

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