Finally the universe aligned itself and allowed me the opportunity to do some work on the mural. I actually did some work on it last night when the universe forced me to go outside by having crappy movies on tv and a kobo that needed charging (when all I really wanted to do was read!)

So today I managed to paint for about 3.5 hours and I finished (for now) the sky and started on the mountains./ I say the sky is finished for now because I might need to change it once some of the other elements are finished but for now I am happy with how they look.

So here is an overall with the whole sky showing

A close up of the mountains I just started

And a close up of the mountains

and an EXTREME close up!

The thing about working on something this large is that you have to remember that for the most part it is going to be viewed from a distance. So you have to paint for that. If I spent 5 million years painting extreme detail on these trees when you get 20 or 30 feet away you can’t see any of that anyway so why bother.

SO I am done for today with painting. My shoulder is killing me from doing the sky so I am going to take a break and think about some pictures that I am going to take for an informal photo competition that I am part of. Just something a little fun for the summer. I will post my images later on today or tomorrow. I have to take a sunset picture and that doesn’t happen here until 9:54 and I am pathetically old and usually go to bed about 9:30 pm so I have to stretch myself to stay up later! Thank goodness it wasn’t a picture of the night sky or I’d have to stay up till midnight!! And the sunrise at 4:15 am was NOT happening.

Maybe a nap is in order?

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