Birthday Prezzies

It has been raining a ridiculous amount here as of late. I have not been able to work on the mural at all for the past couple of weeks. Even today we were on our daily 5k walk with the dogs and barely beat the rain home. Crazy weather here lately.

On the good side of all the rain it means that some indoor things have been getting done. my niece’s 5th birthday is next weekend so we have made a couple of things for her and will be sending the package soon. One of the requests was a wreath. i had made a wreath for her sister’s birthday and she wanted one too. The only problem was that we live in such a small town that finding a styrofoam wreath requires a 3 hour drive so i had to improvise.

Did you know if you cut a pool noodle down and taped it together you get a wreath like this…creativity at its best

Then it gets wrapped in fabric

Then you make some flowers out of fabric and hot glue the whole thing together

Here is a couple of close ups!

I also decided that I wanted to tie dye some things so we bought these two little dresses for the girls and tie dyed them… and 10 tea towels because there was so much dye left…no pictures of those though.

And some close ups

That’s been what I have been doing to keep myself occupied. Summer is quickly approaching and I just had my last day of regular classes this past Friday. So there are 8 days of report cards, supervision, marking, comments cleaning and inventory in my future.

Busy days and I am really looking forward to the summer!

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