Mural Progress Day 5

Started working on the clouds yesterday and got rained out. Sad but true. Worked on a section about 4 feet across and still have about 26 feet left to go.I decided to tone down the clouds a little and make them less stormy and more fluffy.

I am happy with how the clouds are turning out and they are even fun to paint because I get to use my fingers a lot. Hell on the nails but fun.

So in a couple of hours we are meeting the dog trainer again at a public walking trail and we hope to run into lots and lots of people walking their dogs because that is what Lucy freaks out the most about so I want plenty of opportunities to get it right. To help her be ready for it we have already taken her for an hour long walk and the training session will be another hour long so she will be good and tuckered out!

Wish us luck!


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