Good Dog!

Walking success today ladies and gentlemen! Not only did she only have minor little fits (both to dogs off leash and uncontrolled by their owners) but I walked her past 2 badly behaved dogs, on leashes, and she just walked by!!!!

In four years she has never done that! That was a first today! Yippee for Lucy!

So recap. It took 2 hours of walking a day. Half an hour on the treadmill while I am getting ready in the morning. And as close to an hour and a half that we can do in the evening. Every, single, day. Plus learning how to use the choke chain properly and figure out the timing of her corrections.

So now it is practice, practice, practice. More walking in areas that we will run into other people and their dogs. In about a month or so I am going to try to start taking her to a socialization class in town so she can start in interact and play with the littler dogs without trying to eat the schnauzers!

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