W is for…



W is for


Woo-Hoo and WOW and Wonderful and Why-not and …Ok thats all I can think of right now.

Score at the thrift store this evening.

A giant box of random letters.

What am I going to do with a box full of 77 random letters you might be asking yourself…anything I darn well please. I probably won’t be able to spell a darn thing because there seems to be a lot of x’s and q’s and w’s but I will figure out something.

Funny thing was that the teenager that was working there asked me if I wanted to buy the letters and I said

“yes, but I want to know how much for the whole box”

“well… I’ll count them”

“No, I am not paying .99 cents each how much for the box without counting”


I got the whole box for $25 and it turned out that there were 77 letters so it worked out to .32 cents each. I’m good with that and I like to have big boxes of random things so that when i get a brain storm i am not kicking myself saying “Why didn’t I buy those letters!?!?!”

It’s been rainy and yucky here so I have not been able to paint but I have been walking the dog like crazy. The training session on Saturday was very useful and  I promised the trainer that we would walk Lucy two hours a day. We have been hitting and hour and a half so i am happy with that and she is going on the treadmill every morning while I am getting ready for work.

This coming Sunday we are working on her interactions with other dogs on leashes. That is were the real problem lies.

Alright. Off to make guacamole salad and enchiladas for dinner and I am running late already.




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