Rain, Rain, Rain

So no painting for the next couple of days due to rain and thunder and lightening. So my standing on a metal ladder during this time is just not happening. However I did want to show some of the yard work that Mom has been working her poor little feet into bloody blisters for.

We have had a pond liner floating around for about 3 years and never were very happy with it. She built a raised bed for the liner and we bought a bunch of plants to surround it.

You can’t see them but mom put two of our goldfish into the pond to help keep the mosquito larvae down. Funny little things keep trying to jump the waterfall like they are little salmon! I’m going to try to get a picture of it but it is going to be challenging!

She also included bits of pottery that I made recently. I took a pottery course to improve my pottery teaching skills. i made this coil pot and I also taught myself how to make glazes for decorating the pottery. I don’t kid myself that I understand why they work the way they do. i just follow the recipe and voila, colours! I prefer “Magic” as my explanation for anything I don’t feel like googling! Ha I thought for sure that googling was going to show up as misspelled and it did not. How the world has changed!

Anyway we went and rented movies for tonight and tomorrow. Dino-Shark, The Mechanic and Drive Angry. An eclectic mix of movies to be sure but you have your kitchy creature- eating- people movie, Jason Statham (nuf-said) and Nicolas Cage escaping from hell. Considering what Hollywood has been pumping out I think I chose wisely!


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