Mural Progress #3

I’ll tell you that there is a big difference working in the morning as apposed to working in the evening outside. Bugs…particularly mosquitos are bad in the evening. Ad I didn’t put on bug spray because I didn’t feel like having to have a shower. Oh well bug bites it is.

So this evening I painted the bottom bushes their base colour of light green and scumbled the same green over the dark brown mountain range. Next up is the sky. I’m kind of avoiding it because I am not looking forward to climbing up and down the ladder for 30 feet. honestly the sky will probably get finished first so that I can just get the whole ladder thing done. i can reach quite high (7 feet comfortably) but that last foot is a bit much.

There are a few weird shadows happening in todays picture. It was about 7:30pm when I took this photo and the shadows from the trees are causing a few colour abnormalities!

Tomorrow is the dreaded sky…actually it won’t be that bad but my arms are killing me! Curling my hair this morning was torture!


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