Mural Progress #2

So I went today and actually  BOUGHT a colour of blue for the water and sky. Cheapo me could not find it at the freebie paint recycling so Mom kindly bought me a nice colour of blue. Do you realize how difficult it is to find a good blue that has not had black added to it? You can’t use a blue or red that is a mixed colour that has had black added to it because when you go to tint the colour with white you get a grey version of what you want. Luckily I knew the guy that was mixing the paint to he indulged me with my running up “Ok try this one. Crap, Ok what about this one”

So tonight I tackled the water, tree and smaller trees. Don’t worry they are not going to stay that colour. Its just the basecoat. The real work hasn’t even started yet!

So tomorrow night is all about getting some work on the sky done. And maybe base coating the bushes on the bottom. Depends on how much I feel like doing.

Off to spend the rest of the evening reading my book. Have a good one!


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