4 hours

So last night I finished as much of the grid as I was willing to do. The whole wall is a little cockeyed so when i started getting towards the far right the top square was decidedly not square. The center part of the grid was fine so i made do with that.

There are no pictures of the grid because it is impossible to see pencil line on such a large surface. I started out by blocking in the shapes with a paintbrush. Technically I could have used a pencil but that means that I have no way of see what it looks like overall and I wasn’t feeling that fussy this morning.

Once I got about 3/4 of the way across I started messing up where the lines were suppose to be so I went and got colour and started blocking in the general shapes of the mountains. At this point it doesn’t even really matter what colours I use because it is only the first layer of colour anyway. The water has a decidedly green cast to it and I have to head to the paint recycle to see if I can find a decent darker blue.

So what you are seeing is about 4 hours of work and I only stopped because my arms were starting to hurt and it was lunch time.


So the blobby shapes are bushes and the pointy shapes are the tops of pine trees. My plan is to paint them in properly so i am not super concerned with the actual shape of them, just the placement.

So in order to progress I have to find a darker blue that can serve both for the sky and water. I hope to work a little on it every night after dinner so don’t expect to see postings until after 8pm or so and they will probably be update shots so I can keep track of daily progress.

Off to read a book and relax for the rest of the day…guilty secret…I am reading the Morganville Vampires series!

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