I think it is interesting at the start of a new project to think about what is influencing the direction that the work is going to take. Every painting is different and sometimes for me the direction is obvious and sometimes I don’t see it until after the work is complete.

This mural of Okanagan Lake is taking on a definite Canadiana aspect to it. Images of the Okanagan and Canadian Artists are influencing my every turn. Today when I was showing a friend the rough draft of the mural she said “It’s very Group of Seven-ish”

I’m ok with that. So I started doing some research and remembering about what I liked about the Group of Seven. Here is a good website if you are interested in looking at more of their art. I’m just showing the ones that I am drawn to.

(Taken directly from Wikipedia)

The Group of Seven were a group of Canadian landscape painters in the 1920s, originally consisting of Franklin CarmichaelLawren HarrisA. Y. JacksonFranz JohnstonArthur LismerJ. E. H. MacDonald, and Frederick VarleyTom Thomson (who died in 1917) andEmily Carr were also closely associated with the Group of Seven, though neither were ever official members.

My favourite is Tom Thompson. He actually died before the forming of the Group of Seven but he did directly influence the group and inspire them to head out into the wild to paint.


So the goal for this weekend is to get the grid completed and draw out the rough image. I will probably take a paintbrush to the image at that point because I think that it is important to be able to see the overall image before starting. It will be impossible to see the image in just pencil on such a large scale so perhaps by Sunday I will be posting a rough outlined image.

Guess you will have to check back to see!


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