Cheap Summer Shoe transformation

So I have mentioned before that I have slightly larger than average feet. Can’t be helped when you are 6 feet tall and I don’t tend to complain about it too often but…buying shoes is a pain. Either you are told “Do they make shoes that big?” Duh, what do I have on my feet right now” Or they charge crazy prices for a simple pair of runners ($100 for Keds anyone?) Or I have to pay crazy shipping costs for shoes($28 with the gas prices going up!)

Or I buy mens shoes…which I hate doing. H.A.T.E.

However I had to make a compromise this time because with shipping costs being so expensive and I needed summer shoes. I couldn’t see pending the summer wearing socks and running shoes.

So i bought 2 cheap pairs of men’s summer shoes. Flip-flops and garden clogs. I have not quite finished the flip-flops but my main goal in transforming the shoes was that no man would put my shoes on his feet after I was done with them…well except for maybe a gay man but that would be ok.

So the first pair is the garden clogs. Sorry for the blurry picture I was rushing and only took one before picture for both the clogs and flip-flops and they are both blurry 😦

Three coats of glitter glaze over the clogs and viola!

 More evidence of my height constrictions when buying clothing. The jeans fit really well everywhere else except for the length, they were above my ankles. So i just let the hem out and trim off the fringe as it appears. Sometimes its what you gotta do right.

Later I will show you the flip-flop transformation. They are cute too!

Off to go to Wal-Mart and then to see Pirates. I hope it is good!

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