Zombie Apocalypse Donut

So as you might know this coming Saturday is supposedly the end of the world starting at 6pm (standard time?!?!?! Pacific!?!?! Really if you are going to announce the end of the world you need to be a little more specific!)

So when I got home today Mom announced that if it was the end of the world her last wish was for a donut. Fine by me. She also said that she wanted to take a picture of the said donut so that I could blog about it….she  is a little obsessed about my blog FYI.

So off to Timmie’s to get a donut. as we are standing in line she says “You forgot the camera. How are we going to blog about it?” I said the apocalypse isn’t suppose to start until 6pm tomorrow so we will come back for another donut.

Then we stand and wait and wait and wait and…wait. Apparently the guy took our order then wandered away to do something else. About 5 minutes later he comes around the corner and gives us this startled look and scurries over to this other guy who comes running over and apologizes and fills our order.

Mom notices that he has packaged 2 vanilla dips and I wanted a sour cream glazed so I let him know and he let sus keep the 2 vanilla dips AND gives me my sour cream glazed (SCORE)

So we decided that the Universe wanted me to take pictures of the donut before the zombie apocalypse  and arranged it so we would get another donut! So here is pictures of our Zombie Apocalypse Donut!

The real reason for this post is because the forecast has been for rain all this evening and I don’t want to get started painting on the mural and get rained on! Tomorrow the plan is more mural work and hopefully finish it and then to get started on some fence painting and finish the planing for the monster-sized mural.

Have a great evening!…oh and I couldn’t help myself but here is R.E.M.’s Its the End of the world as we know it!

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