In front and behind

I went out and put a little work into the mural this evening. The nap I had this afternoon helped with being able to go out. Otherwise you might not have been able to pull me out of my chair!

So in front of me I worked on this

While behind me Lucy played with her new bucket. Every spring we get new shrubs for the yard and save the buckets for lucy to play with. And play she does. Usually loudly and roughly. There is nothing more terrifying than an 85 pound dog thundering down the yard, blindly with a bucket on her head and you in her path!

She tends to toss the bucket around a lot and it is really difficult to get a picture of it when it is happening.


It took 10 shots to get the one with her prancing with the bucket directly on her head. Nothing makes Lucy happier than running in the yard with a bucket on her head!

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