Mural Progress

So this was todays to-do list and i think I did pretty good in knocking off the list. Our dog walk was particularly uneventful right up until the end when the giant monster truck decided to drive past us without Lucy’s permission and she decided it needed disciplining…dogs!

  1. walk the dog
  2. Get hair cut at 10 am
  3. check out thrift store
  4. get wood for other garden gate Mom is building…take picture of other finished gate!
  5. Continue painting mural and post another progress picture tomorrow
  6. Take a picture of wall#2 that is being painted

While we didn’t get to the thrift store I did find this cool chair in the garbage.
Pardon the mess in behind the chair. WE are in mid construction lately and making this area look pretty is not a priority…yet!
So what I like about this chair is the swirly legs. We are not going to try and fix it to make it usable. The plan is to rip out the wreaked seat and put a planter in it and grow some flowers in it. Why do I keep adding jobs to my plate?
Anyway here is the progress on the mural today.
I am not 100% sold on the orange but I wanted a contrasting colour so I will live with it for a bit and see what it looks like when I add more colour. I always have to tell my students not to judge the work before you are further along but it is a tough thing to not fall into doing!
So planning is going well with mural number 2. Mom prepped the wall today and I had to sneak up to take her picture.
HUGE isn’t it!
Oh…this is what happens when Mom realizes I have just taken her picture without permission.
The last time I posted pictures of Mom I said “Mom I have like 3 people that regularly come to my blog…small beans” Then I got yelled at that evening when she looked and 93 people had visited! HA how was i suppose to know, the next day it was 2!!!
Any way we love our giant white wall. You see the silver top to it? That is the neighbours garage and it is an eyesore!! We have been trying and debating on how to disguise that darn thing for three years. Once the mural is painted you will barely notice the darn thing!
So tomorrow I will be posting more progress pictures with Mural #1 and I have to finish the touch ups on the gate so I can take a nice picture and post that. I am going to try to spend more than an hour painting but I have delicate lily white northern skin and I keep forgetting the sun block and you can guess what’s happening. And I don’t like being called a red-neck cause I live in the north. Heck I have never even been on a farm!

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