Mural #1

So despite slightly chilly temps I went outside and started working on the mural in the dog run. I had a brilliant idea today and remembered a great source for free paint. Our local bottle depot has a recycled paint section and you can go in and drop of or PICK UP paint for FREE. So I went and got every colour that I was slightly interested in so that I did not have to use up all my expensive “Fine Art” paints on a 7 by 12 foot mural. Plus my little containers of paint are no where big enough to paint such a large mural…did you notice the title of this post…Mural # 1. More on that below

So here is what I got accomplished this evening

So plans for tomorrow are

  1. walk the dog
  2. Get hair cut at 10 am
  3. check out thrift store
  4. get wood for other garden gate Mom is building…take picture of other finished gate!
  5. Continue painting mural and post another progress picture tomorrow
  6. Take a picture of wall#2 that is being painted

So my neighbour took down a section of fencing and built a addition to his garage right on the property line. Normally neighbours would FREAK but we are awesome and so it as an opportunity. So the new plywood wall is 8 feet high and …wait for it 30 feet long!! eeekkkk. I have actually never painted an actual picture on something that big before but and super excited for the process.

I will make mom pose tomorrow so you can see what it looks like.


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