Lucy’s walks have always been difficult. When she was a puppy she was so crazy and hyper that we walked her twice a day so that she would be tired enough to act like a normal puppy…well that might be pushing it a bit. So we continued to walk her even though her behavior sky-rocketed and not matter what we tried it would not work. She would not walk properly. She was so bad that she kept pulling the muscless in my shoulder and I was getting back problems from how hard she pulled on the walk.

We tried the halti thing that goes over her nose for a while…until we noticed the indent that she created on the top of her nose from pulling. Harness…really bad idea…

Finally someone said to me. When she is pulling immediately turn and walk in the other direction. That was the key to stopping her from ripping my shoulder out of it socket. That helped with the pulling but it did not help with the insanity that happened when we saw other dogs from 3 blocks away!

So i got in touch with a trainer. We talked on the phone but there were a few thing that she said that I was not comfortable with for my dog. She told me to get a muzzle so that she would not attack me during the training…what? Why would she attack me? What would I have to do to her for her to want to attack me?

The trainer then recommended this website for a trainer that she 100% follows and believes in his methods. When I looked at the site I knew it was not for me. Obedience through punishment. No.

I did not want to break my dog’s spirit I just wanted her under control. The only thing that the trainer recommended  that I followed through with was working on her “wait” command. It took a while but she is pretty good at wait now. She’s not perfect but she is better than she was.

So this all brings me to the point of this evenings post. We had an awesome walk tonight. I have been trying something new. When she starts to freak out I turn around and walk into her and tell her “No” when she starts to fight I pull up on the collar and keep walking into her space saying “NO”

It worked awesome this evening. The first dog we walked past I got her to calm down and then the next two dogs about a minute later I only had to tell her no and keep walking. She whined but did not have a major hissyfit.

It was awesome.

So here are some pictures of Lucy having fun with the sprinkler a couple of summers ago. This is her major summer pastime and she loves it as you can see from the picture. For some reason wordpress won’t let me flip the picture the right way and save it so I will have to wait to post the rest of the pictures to another day. Plus I am tired and I think it is almost bed time for me.

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