Today was a busy day in the sunshine. Yeah the temp didn’t get above 8 but us northern folk make do!

So the bench started out like this. We got it at our local thrift store for $12. Funny thing is that we had been walking past it for about a month until Mom said “Bench!!!” and so we had to buy it then and there.

The one thing that I did like about it was the funky turned finials on the headboard. Good thing I mentioned that to Mom cause she didn’t like them and was going to cut them off!!

She then worked in the basement to get it all put together. You can see that the headboard became the back of the bench and the footboard was flipped upside-down and used to create the front of the bench. A simple box out of 2×4’s and 3 1×6’s and we have a bench.

I then spent a couple hours painting it outside on the front porch. It was a pain in the butt cause there are so many cracks and crevices that every time I looked at in from a different angle I saw little white spots. Took about 4 hours to paint

It’s hard to take some good bench pictures in a yard that still has snow in it. You can see our plants are still brown…as is the grass. Technically I am far enough north that my spring doesn’t happen until about 6 weeks after the southern part of BC sees spring. A little frustrating but it is what it is!

But I did see some buds

And some tree buds

Mom spent the day building some decking for the landing area inside the gate. The dog (Lucy of course) tends to dig (surprise) so we are putting in a landing that should help with that. I say we but really Mom did all the work… I’ll paint it. That’s something right?

So this is before

So she spent the day building the support. We have to wait another week for some more of the snow/ice to melt but next weekend we should be able to do some more work on it.

Todays’ Progress

So off the put some cabbage rolls in the oven for dinner and figure out what else to make.

Have a good one!

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