Work has been crazy busy with a couple of ups and downs in the last couple of weeks so I was very grateful when we had a nice 4 day long weekend. There are only less than 9 weeks left until the summer vacation and I am really looking forward to it. Even just getting away from the politics of the job.

Anyway I was standing in line at the store and usually it is the decorating magazines that draw me in like Style At Home or Canadian House and Home but this time it was a quilting magazine. Specifically this cover

I love that quilt! So I pulled out my needle and thread and started hand making yoyo’s (the circles on the quilt) Let me tell you, trying to hand sew those things is a pain in the butt. However I was determined to do it even if it took me months.

We went to our local sewing shop and I had sort of given up hope in finding an actual yoyo maker but they had one! so this is what I have been making.

This sucker calls for 409 of  yoyo’s. That is a lot of time but I am having fun sitting in front of the tv watching Doctor Who and making these.

As I was taking these pictures Lucy was underfoot (as always) and really wanted to have her picture taken (if the sitting on my feet was any indication) I thought I would show you the damage that her claws have done to the rug. It’s kind of sad

So here is the new plan. I went and bought a set of these mats that is not multi coloured. In the exercise department I found black. Woo-Hoo The new plan is to not paint the mats a background colour and to simply paint the design over the black. I will still seal it with a couple coats of sealant but at least when her claws dig in it won’t mess up the design so much. The other thing that I am planing is to have the design on the end that she is on fairly simple and then where her claws will not be-more ornate.

She loves this mat so I don’t want to take it away but I need to work on making it a little more Lucy-proof.

So today is a busy day of playing and reorganizing. I have had a fun idea to spruce up an ugly shower enclosure in my downstairs bathroom so that is one of my plans for today. I have a little work to do for report cards but that won’t be hard to get finished.

It is sunny out so I am going to enjoy this bonus day off.


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