True North

There are certain things that are true of living in the “NORTH”

  • It can snow at anytime
  • Moose are not nice creatures and you need to stay away from them
  • Spring doesn’t really happen till June
This is what I woke up to today
However I don’t’ mind. It is the price of having a full-time, continuing contract art teaching job.  Of the 20 people I went to school with at the University of British Columbia the only ones that had full time contract were the ones that moved away from Vancouver. I remember having a conversation with one woman about 8 years later and it had taken her that long to work her way into an Art position. Technically, even though we started teaching at the same time I had more seniority than her because I had been in the classroom for 8 straight years. If I had decided to move back down south I would get the job over her because of how long I had been teaching in the classroom over being a sub.
That was a bit of an eye opener. However her are some of the fun things about living in the North.
By the time we are having our year end staff party in June the sun doesn’t set until about 11pm and even when it is set it kind of hovers on the horizon only to sneak back up about 4 in the morning. That means you can party like crazy and then look at the clock and go “Wow…it’s 1am. I should go” and drive home in the twilight.
The wild life is also right outside our door.  I tried to find the pictures I took of the moose right outside my front door but they disappeared into the computer but this one did happen here in town
Don’t take this picture as a “what to do when I meet a moose” they are mean, temperamental, WILD creatures and I really honestly thought this was one of the stupidest thing I had ever seen. We have had them charge our trucks and chase use down the road. They weigh about a tonne  and are HUGE. Don’t’ do this!!!
The deer use the back alley to travel from the park on the north side of us to the park on the south. Every once in a while Lucy goes crazy barking and I will head out the backdoor to see what the problem is and there will be 3-4 deer running away. Except during rutting season. This time the deer was seriously challenging Lucy and considered jumping the fence at least twice before I made it to the back of the yard to calm her down. Then it stood there staring at us for about 3-4 minutes until a truck came down the alley and scared them away.
Sometimes I will head out to work and I won’t know there is a deer in the yard until i turn around to get into the car. They are really cute from a distance but 5 feet away from you? You become acutely aware that you are staring down a wild creature that is more than a little bit nervous about you and moving slowly and AWAY is the best course of action.
Ah well… Spring will be here soon enough and I will get to spend time outdoor and I will post some of those late sunset pictures.
We get the most amazing skies!

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