So we found this at the thrift store on Friday for 12 bucks

What are we going to do with a old, funky bed frame you might ask. Well…you cut the footboard in half, attach it to the headboard as arms, build a seat and you have a funky garden bench! If you google “bed frame to bench” you will see some pretty cool examples. Mom is itching to do more building and I can’t get the wood until later in the week for the bed frame she is going to build for me so this will keep her busy. . Shockingly she wanted to cut off funky turned tops of the frames. That was the only thing I liked…good thing we discussed.

So i have been making purses like crazy for Lilac Lime Studios but knowing that I was making the purses to sell meant that i was missing out on making a new purse for ME! …well and Mom’s been patiently waiting for one also. So i made hers yesterday and mine today

Mom’s purse took me forever cause she wanted this extra detail on it.

There are 40 of these circles individual sewn onto the front of her purse.

Then I made mine today with fabric I got for 1 buck at the thrift store

So it was a busy day. My dinner is smelling amazing (greek potatoes in the oven!) so I am off to check on it!


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