New Closet

My former closet was teeny and I had a closet next to it in the bathroom that I didn’t use properly. So we combined them into one and it is almost finished. Here is the before…sorta…I forgot to take pictures with it jammed FULL of clothing. I did get rid of 2 bags of clothes but still I have a lot

Then we broke through the wall

Then we rebuilt it

With a light.

And it has been painted

So now we just have to finish the laminate floor into the closet and hang the closet doors and paint the bedroom and build a new bed…have you seen this site? There are a ton of patterns for building fantastic, simple furniture with basic supplies. So I have picked out three jobs for Mom to tackle next.

So My bathroom is next on the to-do list. It is narsty! But we have bought a lovely glass vessel sink and we are going to make this pedestal for it

Then after the bathroom is finished I want this bed. But in dark grey I think

And finally I want a new tv entertainment/storage hutch. This one will do I think

And all the patterns are free!!! The cost of the lumber for the hutch will be about 250.00 and the bed will be about 150.00. Isn’t that amazing. Luckily I have a handy momma that can do all these things!


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