Veganish Sausage Casserole

I should start by saying that since becoming a vegetarian I have been sorely disappointed in what passes for faux meat. Especially living in a “meat and potatoes” town that is next door to a town featured in a small Canadian TV show called “Village on a Diet” If you have seen the show you might remember the woman that had never been in the Vegetable section of the grocery store…NEVER! I find that inconceivable but even when I was eating meat I will still regularly buying veggies.

Even though I have been a vegetarian for 2 years I still, at times, miss some of my old favourite recipes. I started doing research into how to make faux meats and started experimenting with different recipes and ingredient. My Mom started making these fabulous bean burgers that she makes two ways. One in a patty form that holds it shape during the frying process and another that we add to sauces when we want that “meat” texture. They are made primarily from beans and veggies and taste yummy.

I started out by making the sausages from this recipes  Spicy Vegetarian Sausage links They are so YUMMY and are really easy to make. I didn’t take pictures when i was making them but here they are after being cooked up

They look a little like bread but that is because the main ingredient that makes them hold together is wheat gluten.

After frying up the sausages for 5 minutes I dumped them in a pan and fried up the veggies a bit (red onion,celery, carrots, potatoes and peas)

Then I added some white kidney beans to the sausage that I had left over from a disastrous attempt at making faux bacon (not ever to be repeated. Y-U-C-K)

And then I dumped the veggies onto of all of that and mixed it together.

Now here is where I need to stress that I am a vegetarian not a vegan. A vegan would not have used regular margarine to make the roux but I did and do. Have you seen the cost of Earth Balance? And sometimes I will cook with an egg if need be but I do try to have more of a leaning towards Veganism as much as possible.

So i made the roux with margarine and flour and some veggie stock (not homemade- who has the time?) and then to give it that hint of creaminess I added some Almond milk. i like almond milk better than soy milk and I always buy the unsweetened variety. Then I poured it and stirred it around and had this.

Next I decided I want to put biscuits over it and have a type of pot pie. I don’t do regular pot pie because I can never get the crust yummy. Into the oven the mix went and I started making the biscuits. I used a recipe from Ina Garten , Chicken stew and biscuits in her Family Style cookbook. Her recipes are awesome!

I did doctor it a bit and use Almond Milk instead of half and half creamer but after 15 minutes in the oven I popped the stew out and popped the biscuits on

Bake for another 30 minutes and voila dinner is ready

One of the yummier meals i have made in a while.

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