Busy day

Today was a very busy day in my house. My bedroom closet was way too small and the closet next to it (in the other room) was not being properly utilized. So Mom and I decided that we were going to open up the wall and make one large closet. I forgot to take the before shot of the messy filled closet but here it is mid destruction.

So Mom spent most of the day dealing with the stupid things people do when they don’t know what they are doing. Like 4 inch nails every 6 inches.

But now it looks like this

So now I have a 60 inch wide opening with an addition about 2 feet hidden behind the wall. Tomorrow we are going to finish the flooring into the closet and maybe close the opening into the bathroom (if Mom is not too tired) then we have to drywall it and i have to paint the inside of the closet (probably not until Wednesday)

Now you will notice that I said Mom did this, mom did that. Yes my mom is the builder int he family. I am not patient enough for construction so i spent the day working on organizing and destashing my scrapbook collection. I have way to many supplies for someone that has not scrapbook for 2 years so I am getting rid of it a little at a time. I posted it on Etsy and then realized that my local online classifieds was another good option and I sold one kit within 30 minutes!

My next post is going to be about my Faux sausage Pot Pie dinner! I took pictures while I was cooking so you can enjoy vicariously . I’ll post that later tonight!

And here are some gratuitous Lucy Shots

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