Thrift Store Finds!

So our Saturday morning ritual is to watch a bit of the DIY network or HGTV and then get dressed and head to the thrift stores that open at 10am. Most morning we don’t find much but other mornings we score bigtime!

Today we found

This lovely frame for one of the print that I have made in the past couple of weeks. i was going to paint it white but I like it the dark colour.

This funky dotty vase for .99 that was then an addition 50% off (SCORE) Very Cute.

This was a little expensive (19.99) but we are going to use it as a table top composting container. Insert a bag on the inside and BAM! indoor composting!

And last but not least this adorable Pyrex Gravy boat. My current gravy boat has a turkey on it and since becoming a vegetarian I was finding the turkey a bit offensive so when i spotted this beauty I had to buy it.

pretty good haul for small town thrifting hey?

Well off to make dinner and watch a movie. Have a great Saturday!

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