Hits and Misses

When you make a collograph print you make a plate with texture, add some ink and wipe it off the surface. Then lay it down face up and lay some paper over the top. That is where Chine-Colle comes in. This is when you lay some paper over top of your image so that when you print it the paper bonds with the paper and prints the image on your second paper. Kinda like a sandwich.

So here are some of my chine-colle experiments. They were not entirely 100% successful as i kept putting the glue side the wrong way down and the paper when it dried buckles a little. I still like the over all look but I need to work on my technique.

This one was done with a dictionary page. I wanted some texture around the eyes.


Then I thought I would try some colour.

This owl has no chine-colle in it but After I had made this print I started experimenting with layering colours and materials one on top of another.

With some success

And  a little less success

I say this one is less successful because it is a little less distinct in what it is. I will have to think on this one for a bit to see what changes I have to make to it for me to feel it was successful.

And on to an entirely different picture of Pepsi (or Pretty Girl)

Pepsi loves her heat sources. Usually she can be found in a sunbeam or laying on her back on a heat vent. Today she was snuggling up to a light shade.

So I am off to paint some of the collographs that i made on Friday and later I will post some photos of a display I made today.


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