Fun with Colour

One of the best parts about printmaking in general is that you can pretty much use every print that you pull. Lots of times something small goes wrong. Not enough ink…too much ink…wrong colour and you are left with something that is not quite to you liking. Also when you are doing a monoprint (that is a single print from one image that you created) you can pull a ghost image and use that to work into.

For example this image is the first pull of a monoprint. It has all the shades of grey that I intended and worked out quite well I thought.

So then there is still ink on the plate. When you print it a second time you get a “ghost” of the original image. My ghost was a little dark because I had put too much ink on the original plate. My instructor thought that I was working too slowly and kept saying “be spontaneous! Play” ‘don’t worry it so much” but I really didn’t have a lot of choice because there was so much ink that it was either be picky with the image or start over!

So last night I started playing with the watercolours and got this

So you can see the blacks are still really intense but I have lost the greys in the middle. I still love the colours I used with this image though.

Here are some more that I fiddled with last night.

So this Friday I get to do a self-Directed Professional development day so guess what I am doing?!?!!?!?!?

I made 4 more plates today and I am going to get myself organized because I am brimming with ideas!


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